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Why Use a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home

Why do sellers opt to use a real estate agent to sell their property? During one of the many surveys effected, sellers surveyed listed trustworthiness, responsiveness, local market knowledge, a good reputation in the community, and a strong sales track record as the most important attributes in a top-notch agent. A great real estate agent can make a huge difference in many aspects of your selling experience, from your stress level to your profits. Read on to explore the many benefits of selling with a local agent, and discover what it will cost you.

What is the standard commission for a real estate agent?

Real estate agents work on a commission basis, making a percentage of the sale price of the home their client is selling. Typically, as a seller, you’ll pay 5 percent of the sale price.

The agent, works for the sellers to help them sell their house, from listing to closing.

Benefits of using an agent

You might ask yourself, “Why use a real estate agent to sell my home?” There are a number of services and plenty of expertise a real estate agent can provide, so it’s important for each seller to take a look at the list of benefits and decide if an agent is worth the expense.

1. Real estate agents provide local housing market expertise

  • They have access to a comprehensive list of comparable homes and understand the value of homes in your area.

  • Taking into consideration the current market conditions, they can strategize ways to craft the optimal selling approach, with the goal of earning the highest possible return on your home.

  • They can guide you to setting the right price for your home, one that will allow you to both pocket as much money as you can while selling in a timely manner.

2. Real estate agents market your listing

  • They can provide recommendations for staging your home.

  • They can take professional listing photos.

  • Creating an enticing listing description of a property is an art form, and a skilled agent can call out features local buyers are looking for.

  • They list your property on their website and other online real estate sites. In fact, agents have access to more listing outlets than sellers who are listing on their own.

  • They host open houses and showings, physically showing your home to buyers.

  • They serve as a buffer between you and all potential buyers, fielding calls, answering questions, and scheduling viewings.

3. Real estate agents network with other agents to increase buyer interest

  • They may show your home to an agent-only crowd to increase buzz.

  • They talk to other agents about your home, positioning it as a match for their buyers.

  • Homes sold by agents are typically more appealing to buyers agents, as they know they’ll get a commission on the sale.

4. Real estate agents handle your negotiations

  • They vet all potential buyers, identifying the serious offers.

  • They skillfully work with the buyer to get you an offer that meets your needs in terms of price and timing.

  • They help you make smart decisions on negotiating counteroffers.

5. Real estate agents ease the selling process

  • Selling a home comes with a lot of paperwork, and your real estate agent will handle it all.

  • Professional real estate agents keep an eye out for deal loopholes and unusual requests, and read all the fine print.

  • In a multiple-offer situation, they’ll help you identify the pros and cons of each offer, making your decision easier.

  • They’ll recommend when you should counteroffer and when you should accept the deal.

How do I contact a real estate agent?

There are lots of ways to find a great local real estate agent, including asking friends and family members for referrals and searching online. If you’re working with an agent you haven’t worked with before, you may want to go with an open agency agreement which basically means you can work with various agents from different agencies at the same time. As a proud member of the Ben Estates family, Alex carries the values of hard work, integrity and outstanding client service. Through Premier House Hunting, clients will be provided with guidance and assistance in marketing and selling property for the right price and under the best terms.

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